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F(x)’s Amber Liu Playlist + US Tour!

Hey guys! Long time no post. >_<

Yes, I’m still here and I plan to be back active on this blog soon. For now I wanted to talk about Amber’s upcoming tour.


For those of you unaware, shortly this month, Amber will be touring the states. Yay! Of course, I will be attending one of the concerts (Dallas >_<). The tickets weren’t expensive and I’m sure some of the venues are still selling tickets. If you’re interested you should go and have a good time, I know I will.

As a way to help people attending her tour or people looking to get into her music, I made a music playlist. I kept it mostly to just her music and not duets unless they were features on her music.

Aside from her debut album, her music isn’t pop (she dabbles in EDM, true to F(x)’s style) and many of her songs are in english. Even if you’re not going to her concert, I recommended checking out her music.

If filming is allowed I will post my videos here, just like I did for Hyuna’s concert.

Check Out ‘Concert: Hyuna in Dallas’


Muah! ❤


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