About Machi

Hi! To start off introducing myself. I’m a regular girl who happens to be a fan of Asian music and to be more specific a fan of both Hello Project and Kpop. I plan to make MachiWorld a place that I can express my opinion (not fact) and connect with other fans of Hello Project and Kpop.

When it comes to being someone who listens to Japanese music, I wouldn’t call myself a Jpop fan as much as I would call myself a Hello Project fan. Outside of Hello Project, Jpop doesn’t really exist for me. Which is why I have decided to mostly dedicate this site mostly to things related to Hello Project! All that being said, I haven’t been a dedicated fan for long only a few years and I’m still learning things as I go! So please be lenient with me~

How I Became a K-pop Fan

My Beginnings: J-Pop & Hello Project


Muah! ❤


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