「にほんごのさくぶん1」Japanese Essay 1

Hello everyone! I know this is not the typical idol-esque post but I want to share a bit of myself with you! Currently I am enrolled in a Japanese language course and while I am only in the first class (beginners/elementary), I am enjoying myself and plan on continuing learning Japanese (recently declared it my… Continue reading 「にほんごのさくぶん1」Japanese Essay 1


Welcome to MachiWorld!

Welcome to my site MachiWorld! ❤

For a short introduction, I am Machi the creator of this site. If you want to know a bit more about who I am then please refer to the About Machi page.

I have many great plans for MachiWorld that I hope to accomplish and upkeep. This post is only the beginning.

MachiWorld will be Hello Project Centered with a dab of other things sprinkled in occasionally. I really wanted a place where I could express myself unfiltered about my love and opinions on Hello Project.

Things to come and expect from MachiWorld:

  • Reviews
  • Ranks
  • Occurring Event Articles
  • Related Mail post
  • Picture Posting
  • Kpop Articles
  • Love for Hello Project!

Muah! ❤