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Kpop Christmas Music 02: Secret

Happy Turkey Day! This is my first my post about Secret on this blog. That is extremely sad.  Secret has a great discography filled with so many good songs; It’s sad that they’re sitting in the basement. But! We’re not here to focus on the negative things, we’re here to get into the christmas spirit!… Continue reading Kpop Christmas Music 02: Secret

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Kpop Christmas Music 01: F(x)

For the Holidays, Kpop Throwback Thursday will be replaced with Kpop Christmas Music. I’ll try to post Kpop Christmas every thursday. Basically it’s still Throwback Thursday, it’s just Christmas themed. The first song was released in 2015 by F(x). I rediscovered this song while preparing my Christmas playlist. Wish List I loved this song when… Continue reading Kpop Christmas Music 01: F(x)

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Throwback Thursday 12: Dreamcatcher

I’ve basically missed the whole month of October. But! I have been really busy and stressed about school and work (basically I’m always tired). I will do my best to get back to posting regularly. Another little tidbit, my birthday passed at the beginning of the month. Your girl is officially 22~ Because it’s the… Continue reading Throwback Thursday 12: Dreamcatcher

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Throwback Thursday 10: Morning Musume

Another Throwback Thursday with some classic Morning Musume music. I was inspired to use this song after watching the current line-up perform this song quite decently. Egao Yes Nude I love this music video so much. This song was made when the girls in the group at that time were a bit up and age,… Continue reading Throwback Thursday 10: Morning Musume