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This has sat in my drafts for a long time now and I didn’t want to post anything else without address Jonghyun. My blog doesn’t typically address male idols or male groups. But it doesn’t feel right to continue on posting without saying something. All of us are aware of SHINee’s Jonghyun passing. I don’t… Continue reading Jonghyun.

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Morning Musume ’17 15th Album ‘Thank You, too’

For the first time, in a long time, Morning Musume is releasing a full-length album! I have waited so long for this T_T. Morning Musume’s 15th album is called ‘Thank you, too!‘ It will be released on December 6 with 15 tracks and two editions (regular and limited). Tracklist: Jealousy Jealousy (Album Version) Romance ni Mezameru… Continue reading Morning Musume ’17 15th Album ‘Thank You, too’

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Murota Mizuki 1st Photobook!

Murotan has recently announced that she will be releasing her first photobook soon! No official date or name has been released as of yet (but trust I will keep up to date) but Murotan did announce that it was filmed in Okinawa! I will be back when photobook covers and previews are released! Until next time~… Continue reading Murota Mizuki 1st Photobook!

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Major News for Tsubaki Factory!!!

Yay! A HUGE announcement was just made!!! At the beginning of next year, January 2017, Tsubaki Factory will finally be making their major debut! ^_^ It has been a long time coming and a long time of waiting for Tsubaki Factory to officially debut! Before the announcement I predicted that Tsubaki Factory will either debut… Continue reading Major News for Tsubaki Factory!!!

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Tsubaki Factory Update: What’s With the New Members

Okay, okay! As many of you know there was been a huge announcement. Without any prior announcement, Tsubaki Factory now has a 2nd generation of members. The addition of the new generation took the group’s numbers from a total of six to nine. Tsubaki Factory is a made up of Kenshuusei who train under Hello… Continue reading Tsubaki Factory Update: What’s With the New Members