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T-ara Disbandment: Favorite Songs

Another amazing girl group is disbanding. These days, groups that debuted in 2009-2010 are dropping left to right. T-ara is a famous group in their own right. Famous for their hits songs and a controversy that stunted their career. Even amidst all of the hate, T-ara continued to promote and release music for their fans.… Continue reading T-ara Disbandment: Favorite Songs

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Sistar Disbandment: Favorite Songs

Another beautiful and talent group has gone to the grave. I, like other fans, did not see this coming. Sistar has nice summer songs and public recognition. Paired with success, what more can a girl group want? I am really interested in what the girls will venture off to do after their last comeback on… Continue reading Sistar Disbandment: Favorite Songs

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℃-ute Disbandment: Top ℃-ute Songs!

With ℃-ute disbandment announcement, I thought it would be nice to compose an article about it. But since I’m not the most knowledgeable person on ℃-ute’s music and history, doing a post solely commenting on their disbandment (and how sucky it is) doesn’t seem sincere or genuine. So instead I thought to talk about their… Continue reading ℃-ute Disbandment: Top ℃-ute Songs!

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Hello Pro Kenshuusei 13th Generation Audition

This year Morning Musume ’16  will be holding the 13th generation auditions, which will hopefully bring new members to the the group. As many fans know this audition cycle is very important for Morning Musume; the group lost their long time ace (or center) Sayashi Riho. Riho was a big part of Morning Musume during her… Continue reading Hello Pro Kenshuusei 13th Generation Audition