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Angerme Majokko Megu-chan Review

  Majokko Megu-chan (Music Video) Initial Impression: ‘Majokko Megu-chan’ did not leave a strong initial impression. The only surprising and noticeable thing is Kassa starting the song…and having a lengthy part. Comparing this song to the rest of Angerme’s discography, ‘Majokko Megu-chan’ is lacking.   Song: I’ll start off by mentioning that this song is a cover… Continue reading Angerme Majokko Megu-chan Review

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Mini Review: Taeyeon Fine + I Got Love

Taeyeon is back with her First Full Length Album “My Voice”. After releasing a multitude of songs last year, Taeng has finally given the fans what they want…a full album filled only with her voice. ❤ Initially, I wanted to review the full album but after time moved away from me I decided to only… Continue reading Mini Review: Taeyeon Fine + I Got Love

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Tsubaki Factory Uruwashi no Camellia Review

Tsubaki Factory is back! And this time it is with a song from the their Major Debut SINGLEEE! Yus! How long have I waited to say this? Uruwashi no Camellia (Music Video) First Impressions: I first got a listen of this song, while watching Tsubaki perform this live on H!P Station. And I have to… Continue reading Tsubaki Factory Uruwashi no Camellia Review