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Taeyeon Something New Album Review

Taeyeon is back with her new EP “Something New”.   Sadly she will not promote this album because of a busy schedule. This girl is glad to get some new music Tae-music! Something New (Music Video) ‘Something New’ is very different from the music Taeyeon has released since her solo debut. It has a contemporary vibe… Continue reading Taeyeon Something New Album Review

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Morning Musume ’18 A Gonna Mini Review

Morning Musume is finally back with their first actually of the year ” A Gonna/Are You Happy”. This review is for ‘A Gonna”. Morning Musume A Gonna (Music Video) Morning Musume came to snatch and revive my soul with ‘A Gonna’. When I first heard it live, I was a bit taken aback and shock… Continue reading Morning Musume ’18 A Gonna Mini Review

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AOA Bingle Bangle Mini Review

Ace of Angels is back with their long awaited comeback, “Bingle Bangle”. AOA Bingle Bangle (Music Video) AOA of is back after a slight member change with their latest summer release. I have some mixed reviews about this release. Initially when listening to the song, I couldn’t hear it. I couldn’t hear the song until… Continue reading AOA Bingle Bangle Mini Review

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Oh My Girl Banhana Banana Allergy Monkey Review

Oh My Girl is back with subunit ‘Oh My Girl Banhana’. I’m not sure if this a real release or not, but it’s very interesting to say the least. Oh My Girl Banhana (Music Video) Initial Impression: Big laugh. I first saw a small clip of the music video on twitter and I couldn’t believe… Continue reading Oh My Girl Banhana Banana Allergy Monkey Review