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Oda Sakura’s 2nd Photobook

Yay! Oda Sakura is releasing her second photobook on November 16. This is something I never thought would happen anytime soon (even though her last photobook sold relatively well). Saku’s next photobook is called ‘Sakura’s Breeze’. As of yet, there’s not many previews out…except this one. It’s not clear if this one is a photobook… Continue reading Oda Sakura’s 2nd Photobook

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Throwback Thursday 12: Dreamcatcher

I’ve basically missed the whole month of October. But! I have been really busy and stressed about school and work (basically I’m always tired). I will do my best to get back to posting regularly. Another little tidbit, my birthday passed at the beginning of the month. Your girl is officially 22~ Because it’s the… Continue reading Throwback Thursday 12: Dreamcatcher

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Hyuna’s 10 Year Anniversary: Top Songs

From Wonder Girls to 4minute to solo debut to Trouble Maker and Triple H, Hyuna has been in the industry for 10 years and she’s only 25! To celebrate her reaching this milestone, I’ve put together a list of my favorite songs (I’m only using her solo work) and as usual I’ll provide a playlist of the… Continue reading Hyuna’s 10 Year Anniversary: Top Songs