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Throwback Thursday 08: Shida Summer Arai Summer

Throwback Thursday is back with a J-pop sub-unit song. Now that I’m thinking about it this is my first throwback Thursday of a Japanese single that isn’t Hello!Project. Shakunetsu Summer ~SUMMER KING x SUMMER QUEEN~  This duo came together during summer ’16,; formed with Arai Hitomi from Tokyo Style Girls and Shida Yuumi from Yumemiro Adolescence.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday 08: Shida Summer Arai Summer

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Red Velvet Red Flavor Review

Red Velvet is back with their summer declaration ‘Red Flavor’ Red Flavor (Music Video) Initial Impression:  I was expecting’Red Flavor’ to be a typical, atypical sm song. But it wasn’t.  The song even lacked a catchy hook. Very unusual but despite that I thought the song to be bearable. While I enjoyed listening to the… Continue reading Red Velvet Red Flavor Review

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Tokyo Style Girls Water Lily:Suiren Review

  This is my first Jpop review of a non-Hello Project group. In fact, when it comes to J-pop it is not often that I venture outside of Hello Project. But after seeing the covers for their latest single I was intrigued. Water lily: Suiren (Music Video) Initial Impressions: I was intrigued. I didn’t have… Continue reading Tokyo Style Girls Water Lily:Suiren Review

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T-ara Disbandment: Favorite Songs

Another amazing girl group is disbanding. These days, groups that debuted in 2009-2010 are dropping left to right. T-ara is a famous group in their own right. Famous for their hits songs and a controversy that stunted their career. Even amidst all of the hate, T-ara continued to promote and release music for their fans.… Continue reading T-ara Disbandment: Favorite Songs

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Tsubaki Factory 2nd Single Covers/ Profile Update

Tsubaki Factory is back with the covers of their second next release “Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou ” ❤ Hana Moyou ‘Hana Moyou’ if I had to guess would be a bright and happy song. A song that would suit Tsubaki Factory’s soft side. If we’re lucky, perhaps it would be on the same… Continue reading Tsubaki Factory 2nd Single Covers/ Profile Update